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2010-10-13 20:57:31 by JohnsLot

Since the music I posted is pending approval my page is empty so I'm posting a poem I wrote to fill the void:


The butterflies have gone
I never am surprised we only play the same old song
and dance a little while but I know just where it will lead
The years reveal a pattern which has narrowed gradually

How can I break it but to shatter all we've nurtured
Like a planted tree that's grown up as we sat upon the porch
Until it blocks the scenery and must be hewn?
Cannot be pruned because it is the trunk itself which blocks the view
I'd rather fell it outright than but lop it off halfway,
Watch the wretched stump attempt to grow itself anew,
Robbed of all the leaves that let it feed upon the day
Devoid of all the beauty I once knew

But -
Is this which we've helped to grow a stationary thing?
Perhaps my simile is flawed and love comes like the spring
Not every day can have the same improving feel of march,
But there are places we could move where winters aren't so harsh -
Where even in December we could find a little fun
Or sit and watch the butterflies that flutter in the sun.


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2010-10-13 21:11:47

I have a girlfriend, and she is so blue.


2010-10-15 01:04:39

It's off and it's on, but it's never where it says it is
Sensitive, its always lost, its always the next best sedative
It's element is alone, it's a relavant and meaningless,
It grows and it dies, it leaves you when you believe in it.
Even this is aint enough to keep you from coming back.
It sleeps in your room, and says boo when you're to tired to react.
Who? What? Where? Why the fuck was that?
Move past the damage, lets rebuild this raft.
That's what happening, we're floating, not touching earth
This disaster was the action cause by our glutenous thirst
We're worse than the dandelion's, we're as bad as the mosquito
We speak of many evil but think we represent a civilized people
We succeed and fail, we're defeated but prevail
We're enviromentalist but we're are naturally unstable.
We get payed to work for the better of our community
sometimes the butterfly our best definition of beauty.

NG can be a bitch for accepting upload approval. Give me a shout when you go some music up.

Keep it up, the poetry's wicked! I was listening to beat as I read it, and was in the mood for writing a 16. Thanks for the spark!

JohnsLot responds:

thanks for the input dude, I like the lines! The music's still not up but you just motivated me to post another poem I wrote recently...